Moving our enterprise app to the cloud: Notes from the field

On Tuesday, November 28th, we will gather at SDN, in the offices of Reshift, where we will have Rik Hepworth as our guest speaker. Rik is an experienced speaker and both MVP and Microsoft RD. He will be visiting the Netherlands and has been so kind as to keep his Tuesday evening free for us.

About his session: Moving our enterprise app to the cloud: Notes from the field

We've had an enterprise application running on-premises for security-conscious customers for five+ years. Even though we designed it to be straightforward to move to Azure, lots happened in those years. In this session, I'll talk about how we originally planned for cloud migration, what really happened, and what we've learned so far on the journey. We've got it all: a mobile client app, sensitive data, integration with external systems, and business-critical service. As we built our first full cloud environment, we found several young services that really helped us, and some older services we expected to be easy that proved to be less so.


About Rik Hepworth

As Chief Consulting Officer at Black Marble, Rik helps organizations, large and small, use the Cloud better. Whether that is a new adoption where governance and management are key or an application modernization project where technology choice and team knowledge are important factors in success. Through his public speaking and community involvement, Rik is a recipient of the Microsoft MVP Programme award for his work with Azure. He is also proud to be a member of the Microsoft Regional Director Programme. As an event organizer, speaker, and lapsed blogger, Rik is keen to share his knowledge with the community and encourage and support others as they do the same. His grey hair indicates how long he has worked in IT. In that time, he's done most things you'd expect of an IT Pro: From crawling under floors pulling cables to managing large-scale automated OS rollouts to architecting solutions for on-premises and cloud. Now he spends more time working with his customers' management, sharing that breadth of experience and learning.


Note: the session this evening will be done in English, and Rik is looking forward to many questions from the audience.

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Waar en wanneer

Nijverheidsweg 18, 2031CP Haarlem

dinsdag 28 november 2023

We beginnen om 19:00 maar je bent vanaf 18:00 welkom voor een hapje, drankje en om bij te praten met mede-ontwikkelaars.