Veerkracht van systemen en Xamarin forms

Op donderdag 18 mei, ja weer de derde donderdag i.v.m. hemelvaart, zijn we te gast bij Coolblue in Rotterdam. Ook deze keer hebben we weer twee sessies gepland.

The program of the evening is as follow:

18:00    Walk-in & food

19:00    Welcome & introduction

19:10     Resilience of systems - Sander van Vliet, Pathfinder @ Coolblue
Moving away from monolithic applications that either work or not, nowadays systems are much more diverse and divided over many services and components. These components introduce new boundaries and possibilities for failure making it harder to determine if the overall system works.. or not.

Although the potential for failure increases, so does the opportunity to become more resilient and keep the system running even if parts of the system fail.

In this session we will take a look at failure modes in monolithic and distributed systems and how we can transform a distributed system to be more resilient if dependencies start to break down.

19:50    Break

20:00 Create connected mobile Xamarin apps - the right ( and lazy ) way! - Glenn Versweyveld
Most mobile apps rely on an internet connection to get hold of their data. But by doing so, a lot of issues can arrise while trying and in the process the app still needs to feel fast and usable to the end user.

In this session, we will show you how you can set up a robust connected app with a minimum of effort in Xamarin forms. We will target a remote REST service and incorporate the data in our app, presenting it to the user. This will involve heavy use of several nuget packages, that will help us in getting an optimal user experience.

We will look at REFIT to easily map out the REST service calls, use Akavache to enable a local disk cache, integrate Polly for some retry mechanisms and rely on PRISM for a nice MVVM flow. So everything a seasoned Xamarin forms developer needs to know to get a production ready connected app.

20:40    Tour through our office

21:00     Drinks

22:00     Fin

Deze meeting is al geweest. Je kunt je niet meer inschrijven. Bekijk hier het overzicht van andere bijeenkomsten.

Waar en wanneer

Coolblue, Weena 664, 3012 CN Rotterdam

donderdag 18 mei 2017

Let op: deze sessie is een online meeting van de dotNed User Group. Schrijf jezelf op de reguliere manier in. Je ontvangt ruim voor aanvang van de sessie een link naar de online meeting. We starten zoals gebruikelijk om 19:00. We beginnen om 19:00 maar je bent vanaf 18:00 welkom voor een hapje, drankje en om bij te praten met mede-ontwikkelaars.